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Oakley stands apart

We know labor unions support Democrats 92 percent of the time. But why would two Republican candidates accept donations from unions?

Both Jeff Holy and Larry Keller have received substantial financial contributions from unions. Jeff, a former union leader, has taken over 40 percent of his money from unions, PACs, and other special interests. Larry, also a former dues-paying union member, got a maximum contribution from the Washington Education Association, the most powerful union in our state.

It’s clear that unions expect a return for their investment; certainly not less government or more economic freedom!

Dennis Dellwo, the Democrat in the race, also received union funding. But that’s expected.

Washington is at a crossroads. We must elect representatives committed to making government live within its means and reducing our crippling debt. While other candidates in the 6th District race merely give lip service to this idea, Ben Oakley is the only real conservative who stands apart from the powerful unions and special interests in our state!

Please join me in supporting Ben on Aug. 7.

Gerald J. Quinn Sr.

Spokane Valley


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