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Society pulled the trigger

We have lost control of our society. We have no sense of right and wrong, no religion, and no family values to restrain the individual’s actions. Instead, we have video games, the Internet and action movies to set the standards for acceptable behavior.

The recent shootings in Colorado come as the result of a lack of morality and not because of the easy access to firearms. So long as we have no moral precepts to guide us, so long as the individual is not held responsible for his own actions, so long as religion and the family are demeaned and treated with contempt, then we can expect such violent outbursts to occur.

When such tragedies happen we should not wonder about the identity of the shooter nor the motivation for their actions, the seeds for these incidents have been planted, long ago, within us all. Violence is the bitter harvest we will reap. Who is to blame for the shootings? It is our whole society that is at fault, our whole society that pulled the trigger.

Unus Vocate

Coeur d’Alene

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