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SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2012

If you followed the news last week, you might do well on this week’s That’s News to You.

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1. A historian reversed his opinion that a notorious outlaw once changed his name and lived in Spokane. Which outlaw?

A. Jesse James

B. Frank James

C. Butch Cassidy

D. Cole Younger

E. Clyde Barrow

2. One of four finalists for Spokane police chief withdrew after The Spokesman-Review reported

A. He had a history of DUIs

B. His college degrees appear to be from a diploma mill

C. He got a vote of no confidence from his rank and file

D. He pulled a gun on someone during a road-rage incident

E. He wanted more in salary than the city was offering

3. Northwest states have a new campaign to combat what invasive species?

A. Asian catfish

B. Belgian snails

C. European possums

D. Feral pigs

E. Japanese crabs

4. The Christmas tree at the U.S. Capitol next year will come from

A. Colville National Forest

B. Kaniksu National Forest

C. Panhandle National Forest

D. Okanogan National Forest

E. Can’t fool me. Congress buys its Christmas tree at a Boy Scout lot on Pennsylvania Avenue.

5. Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the New York Yankees last week by the Seattle Mariners. What year did Ichiro start playing for the M’s?

A. 1999

B. 2000

C. 2001

D. 2002

E. 2003

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