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Block party hits downtown

FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012

Six Spokane venues join forces tonight for 38-band musicfest

A tidal wave of area bands hits right smack in the middle of downtown Spokane tonight in the form of a block party that involves 38 bands spread across six venues.

What makes this different from any other Friday night at the bars? You can pay a joint cover of $10 to come and go as you please among the participating venues. This roster of bands represents a snapshot of some of the finest bands in the Spokane and Idaho scenes at the moment in a variety of genres, including metal, hip-hop, folk, experimental, electronic, and country.

While some venues will be hosting a bill of bands that will challenge even the most eclectic taste, a few of the spots promise for more consistent sounds during the evening.

If you want to bang your head all night, head to A Club. If a night of DJ club music is more your forte, you’ll likely want to stick with Irv’s. And if you want a little of everything, go club hoppin’ among Nyne, Mootsy’s, and the Red Room Lounge, while Brews on Washington will keep you folked up for the night.

Below is a schedule along with some of the high-water marks you can expect from tonight’s flood of local music:

Nyne, 232 W. Sprague Ave.

6:30 Franklin (pop)

7:30 Summer in Siberia (experimental-pop)

8:30 Jaeda (hip-hop) - Spokane emcee Jaeda rocked a capacity crowd at her album release party a few weeks ago, reuniting the Bad Penmanship Crew from up and down the West Coast. Jaeda’s combination of melodic hooks and rough-hewn flows connects like a constellation of heavenly hip-hop bliss.

9:30 Cathedral Pearls (folk)

10:30 Terrible Buttons (dark-folk)

11:30 Freetime Synthetic (hip-hop)

12:30 DJ Stone Tobey (DJ)

Mootsy’s, 406 W. Sprague Ave.

6:30: Ramblechild (experimental)

7:30: Producer’s Corner featuring Sales Wagon, Guttahface, K. Clifton (electronic) - This collective of producers has established a new breed of laptop wizardry and carved out a niche in town for fans of kaleidoscopic beats that mesh elements from the cutting edge of international trends.

9:30: Romper (dance-pop)

10:30: The Soul & the Machine (pop-experimental)

11:30: Mirror Mirror (experimental)

12:30: Brothers ov Midnite (DJ)

Irv’s, 415 W. Sprague Ave.

10: Material Kiss (DJ)

11: Dirty Panda (DJ)

Midnight: Thumper (DJ)

A Club, 416 W. Sprague Ave.

6: Space Movies (experimental)

6:30: Rice Queen & Safe Word (punk)

7: David Plell & the Ultra Peach (glock-rock) - Branching off from his hardcore experimental roots in Cyrus Fell Down, David Plell explores the extent to which the glockenspiel can rock in his newfound project.

7:30: Bandit Train (electronic-experimental)

8:30: Tim Blood & the Gutpanthers (punk)

9: Belt of Vapor (wrath-mock)

9:30: Losing Skin (hardcore-metal)

10: Jazz (experimental rock)

11: Drag Like Pull (emo)

11:30: Diamond Speedboat (hard-rock)

12:30: Wildcard (hip-hop)

Red Room Lounge, 521 W. Sprague Ave.

7: Sul Ross (folk)

8: Silver Treason (country) – Anchored by Jamie Frost (aka Jamie Maker) – one of the most respected guitarists in Spokane rock – Silver Treason unleashes authentically crafted country music with barn-burning brilliance.

9: Team Growl (folk)

10: Duck Duck Suckerpunch (rock)

11: BBBBandits (surf-rock)

Midnight: Whiskey Dick Mountain (gospel-punk)

Brews on Washington, 7 S. Washington St.

5: Jacob Butcher (folk)

6: Liz Rognes (folk)

7: Ian Miles (folk-experimental)

8: Clyde Webb (folk)

9: Matt Mitchell (Americana)

10: Dead Serious Lovers (hushed-rock) - Featuring former members of Oil of Angels, Dead Serious Lovers is known for sophisticated compositions and dark overtones that are as perplexing as they are magnetic.


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