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On GGG&A, we all need to take the high ground

Sat., June 2, 2012

I don’t know much, certainly not the mind of the God whose very existence I doubt, never mind figuring out how he picks sides. So, when the whole GGG&A deal gets going again – like when a presidential election campaign is gearing up – I wonder if there’s any hope at all for us to grow up and address matters of real import.

Oh, you know what GGG&A is: God, guns, gays and abortion. I may not know much but I can tell you a few things that I’m quite sure of. First, because no one is ever going to be elected to a high office in this country without professing a belief in God, it’s a sure thing that going for the high ground, so to speak, will continue to be a key tactical move forever, world without end, amen.

Second, no Republican will ever totally do away with abortion rights. No way, no how. It’s too big of a wedge issue, too useful as a device to divide and conquer, and it’s certainly not a battle to “win.” Republicans own the moral high ground; those sleazy Democrats are all just baby-killers, and you know what God thinks about that.

Third, no Democrat is ever going to do away with gun rights, and how the right manages to keep this an issue at all is totally beyond my comprehension.

So where do we stand? Both sides are for God, but one’s God is cool with abortion, at least in the case of rape or endangerment of the mother’s life. The other, to put it mildly, is not. Both Gods like guns, though one side disputes this, and I guess the main difference is that one God kind of frowns on the way they’re used to, oh, kill people. He doesn’t want to take them away, mind you, just maybe sort of try to keep them out of the wrong hands.

So we’re left with gays. Geez, I hate it when it comes down to saying that you’re only 3/5 of a person because of color, or sexual preference. I highly recommend some historical reading of mainstream opinion regarding blacks around the time of the Civil War. It will most likely turn your stomach and is certainly nothing printable today.

But what about man-on-man love? (Lesbians don’t seem to arouse the same ire.) God loves you, doncha know, but he totally disapproves of your “lifestyle” choice and he certainly had no hand in making you that way. And he wrote a book that says you’re unnatural, deviant and perverted. And you’re most likely a Democrat, except that, well, some Republicans appear to be gay, too.

It’s all very confusing. How does a good American decide how to vote anymore? We’ve got this guy in the White House who wasn’t even born here, and the fellow competing for the top job belongs to a cult, so how do you pick?

Geez, I guess you have to go with the Mormon, right? I mean, the other guy just came out and said that he wants to treat gays like real people and give ’em the rights that natural-born folks have. We can’t allow that. Letting gays marry? Why, the next thing you know, we’ll have nationalized health care, like most progressive countries. And you know where that leads.

Hmmm … maybe to decent medical treatment for everybody?

Nah. That’s just for the people in government who are opposed to government and who are against the insurance that they get.

Like I said, it’s confusing.

Donald Clegg, a longtime Spokane resident, is an author and professional watercolor artist. Contact him via email at

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