Letters to the Editor

SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 2012

Noise ordinance is sound

I am glad the city of Spokane enacted a noise ordinance to control excessive downtown street music volume.

I work in an office building about a half block east of River Park Square, where musicians frequently play amplified music. While my office is hundreds of feet away and five stories up, the music has often been so loud that I cannot concentrate and perform my job.

I am not a music hater, nor do I dislike street musicians – if their volume is reasonable and they do not intimidate passers-by or impede foot traffic. I reject the notion that cities are supposed to be noisy and people need to meekly accept whatever musical decibel level is dished out.

Kudos to the mayor and city for attempting to achieve a more equitable balance between musicians’ freedom of expression and the greater public good.

Rodney Aho


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