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I’m defending my house

In regards to Tom Floyd’s May 26 letter, “Self-protection is complicated”: Let me try to understand his thinking here, because I am not sure what law Floyd is referring to.

There is an intruder in my home who is going to rob and probably not hesitate to kill me and my family. I do agree you need to call the police; however, you might be waiting a long time before they arrive. In the meantime, according to Floyd, I am supposed to offer the intruder tea and get to know him personally by asking him questions?

The only conversation I’ll be having with this intruder is with the barrel of my 12-gauge. I do have weapons in my home for protection, and I will not hesitate to use them to defend my family and home.

I have worked hard to buy a home and all the possessions inside of it. I am not holding an open house for burglars to enter and take what they want.

The last time I looked the United States is still a free country and under the Constitution’s Second Amendment I do have the legal right to bear arms and protect my family and property.

Raymond E. Layton



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