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If you’ve been following the news lately, you might do pretty well at this week’s quiz. After you’ve tried the newspaper edition, try the online, interactive version of our quiz, where the top entries go into a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel and all entries go into a drawing for free movie tickets. It’s at newsquiz.

1. What happened to two Washington state troopers who wrongly accused a Spokane fire lieutenant of purchasing child pornography, resulting in a $2.4 million settlement?

A. They have to pay the settlement

B. They were fired

C. They can’t testify for the prosecution in any future criminal case

D. They were disciplined, but the patrol won’t say how because it’s a personnel matter

E. Can’t fool me. None of those things happened.

2. According to a recent survey, what percentage of high school seniors say they have texted while driving?

A. 38 percent

B. 48 percent

C. 58 percent

D. 68 percent

E. 78 percent

3. Actor Richard Dawson, who died last week, was the host of what game show for nine years?

A. “The Match Game”

B. “Hollywood Squares”

C. “Jeopardy!”

D. “Family Feud”

E. “The Price is Right”

4. John Roskelley will be on the Aug. 7 primary ballot for county commissioner despite a challenge by local Republicans. What was the basis of their challenge?

A. He already served two terms as a commissioner, so he’s barred by term limits.

B. He has been out of the country so much as a mountain climber that he’s ineligible to run.

C. He lists his party preference as Democratic, but he’s really a Libertarian.

D. He doesn’t legally live in the right commissioner district.

E. Can’t fool me. Republicans would never try to knock a Democrat off the ballot with a legal challenge instead of beating him in an election.

5. Spokane has a new team in the Women’s Premiere Soccer League. What’s it called?

A. The Shock

B. The Shine

C. The Stars

D. The Spokes

E. The Sparks

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