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The Slice: Takes away the need for a night light

Sun., June 10, 2012, midnight

What do you say to a foot-dragging child at bedtime when he or she notes that it’s still light out?

Let’s move on.

Slice answer (What about Spokane doesn’t need fixing?): “The STA bus drivers and the librarians,” wrote Bob Kirlin.

Sign of the times: You know those cartoonlike plastic figures that hold pennants and sport signs saying “Slow!” – the ones people put out by the curb in the hopes of calming residential traffic? Well, a couple of readers report that these things are getting stolen in Spokane.

My theory? Someone staging a 52-week yard sale is snagging them to bolster inventory.

Recalling Spokane’s FM rock heyday: “So it was fun seeing the KREM piece – and to be associated with the good old days,” wrote auto writer Don Adair, who worked in radio during a previous life. “It’s worth mentioning, though, that before me there was a very popular on-air personality named John Budrow, who called himself ‘Gentle John’ and was much more in the laid-back FM jock mode than those of us who came later. John was the ground-breaker.”

We’re making good time: Perhaps it is a coincidence that Father’s Day (next Sunday) happens near the start of the summer road trip season. But it’s pretty good timing anyway.

A note from a friend got me thinking. “We used to drive to Wyoming every other year to see my grandparents and my dad would schedule the route so we could show up at the Little Bighorn national park at dawn – to get the full experience and because he’s just that way.”

Access hours weren’t quite so limited back then.

My friend added a sentence I suspect more than a few of us would understand. “It was actually pretty cool, though.”

Did your dad used to do something that struck you as insane when you were young but eventually you came to appreciate?

If he’s still around, I’ll bet your father would appreciate hearing you admit that one of his harebrained ideas was “actually pretty cool.” And there’s no need to wait a week to tell him.

Today’s Slice question: If you were asked to rename Spokane International Airport, what would you suggest?

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