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Stop SPD ego trip

I find the use of the City Council meeting to honor a Spokane Police Department detective to be inappropriate. The situation was nothing more than the detective doing her job. There was nothing above and beyond the call of duty or unexpected.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the SPD doing their job, but why must we continually be subject to the egos of the SPD? I am referring to Interim Chief Scott Stephens, not Detective Crystal Jolley. She is an example of how women can do the same job men can.

But I don’t see road workers who spend hours breathing in tar fumes and subjecting themselves to cancerous sun rays being honored. I don’t see school bus drivers who constantly have to deal with disrespectful students and parents while trying to drive around road construction, through snow and ice, getting certificates of their greatness.

Was the surgeon who saved your Aunt Martha honored after he/she spent 10 hours standing over your aunt trying to put her brain back together?

Get Stephens off the stage unless you intend to honor all professions. Who are you trying to fool, City Council?

Mary Brown


Prevailing plumber wage too high

Last week, the Department of Labor & Industries issued an “emergency” wage increase for plumbers in Central Washington. This increase took their wage from $56 an hour to $69 per hour. Any school, county building, nonprofit that’s supported by the state, city golf course, etc., that hires a plumber to come fix a leaky faucet has to ensure their subcontractor pays this rate.

No wonder our state is going bankrupt! We can’t afford to give our teachers raises, we can’t afford to put enough police officers on the street, we can’t buy new textbooks for our kids, but we can give plumbers a $13-an-hour raise?

Many people these days would be thrilled to have a $13-an-hour job. How on Earth can L. Ann Selover (state statistician at L&I) sleep at night? The voters in this state need to wake up and realize that L&I is letting special interest groups rip off the taxpayers. I love plumbers, they deserve to be paid well, but $143,000 a year? Is that what we want to be paying a 9 percent sales tax for?

Rob Guild



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