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The Slice: Nothing beats driving old truck

Mon., June 11, 2012, midnight

The most relaxed people in the Inland Northwest might be the men and women driving beat-up old trucks.

Just think. If something happens to it, who cares? No big loss.

That is a kind of freedom. Well, assuming you are not hanging on by your fingernails financially.

Oh sure, if it has been reliable, you could have affection for the rugged rig. But imagine not worrying about something that’s shiny or new.

And then there’s your secret delight in the image you project by clearly not caring about the image you project.

Overheard: A Spokane woman said we need bigger closets here because season-to-season transitions don’t always happen clearly or on time.

Three key questions: 1: Are there Spokane area softball teams that have to adhere to a strict “no talking about politics” policy to keep things from getting really tense?

2: If you were going to take someone on a seasonal tour of Inland Northwest road food, where would you head and what would you order?

3: In the last 25 years, what Spokane TV news reporter got hit on by sources the greatest number of times?

You still have 20 days: To come up with Hoopfest excuses.

Shorter is usually better. You know, something like “hung over.” Or “groin.”

One sign that we don’t experience high humidity here: Sue Swanson lived in Pullman for years. Now she resides in east Texas.

When she lived up here, no one she talked to discussed the June air in terms of its thickness.

Re: Last Monday’s Slice: “I went to Tasmania last March to visit some friends and also went backpacking,” wrote John Crock of Moscow, Idaho. “Ticks are rare, but they have lots of terrestrial leeches. I found 15 of them on me one day. Is there a tick/leech conversion chart so that I can know how much fun I had there?”

John, I ran the numbers and it looks like you had a pretty good time.

I wonder if Tasmanian devils eat leeches?

Today’s Slice question: If you know how someone feels about the U.S. flag, do you usually assume you could guess where that person stands on virtually any issue?

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