June 12, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Fix this parking dilemma


Patrick Reeves (June 2) has a valid complaint against Spokane. I park in the area mentioned in his letter, “Parking tickets were heartless,” and frequently see vehicles parked outside of the designated lines. Often, it’s either a vehicle parked back from the meter, which makes it intrude over the back line, or it’s a vehicle that is so long that it can’t even fit in the designated spot. This forces the one behind to park out of the boundary.

Recently, I drove south on Madison Street, from Main Avenue to Fourth Avenue. I saw approximately 30 percent of the vehicles in violation of SMC #16A.61.5906. It was early enough that all of the parking spaces were not full and each individual was at fault. This happens on a regular basis.

Drivers are forced to look for some other vacant space because they don’t want a ticket, or have a long-bed, double-cab truck with a trailer hitch back into their car causing damage amounting to more than a $30 ticket.

Maybe it’s time for the employees who are paid to monitor this infraction make a determination of whom is at fault. Or better yet, tow the vehicle causing the problem.

Donna Lee


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