June 12, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Health care misdirection


I recently received a form letter from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers reminding voters that she had voted against the Affordable Health Care Act, and specifically against the appointment in 2013 of an “Independent Payment Advisory Board.”

She describes this group as unelected bureaucrats who will make changes to Medicare health benefits without congressional oversight, or accountability to the American people. The facts are that this group will be appointed by the president with input from the majority and minority leaders of Congress.

No changes can be enacted that impact patient care. Any proposed changes can be overridden by Congress. And, finally, the board must submit a report annually to Congress on the Medicare program.

What she doesn’t mention is there is currently a Medical Payment Advisory Board that can only make recommendations to Congress. Congress historically has not enacted any of the recommendations. Why? Because of industry lobbyists’ influence over Congress. Thus, the 2013 change to an “independent” board of decision makers.

McMorris Rodgers’ misrepresentations and votes are intended to protect the health care industry, not Medicare patients. Google “Independent 200 Payment Advisory Board” for the facts.

Bob Pritchard


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