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The Slice: Hopefully, camp wasn’t rated R

Tue., June 12, 2012

Please select the movie title that most closely captures the flavor of your childhood summer camp experience.

A) “Gone With the Wind.” B) “On the Waterfront.” C) “Singin’ in the Rain.” D) “Some Like it Hot.” E) “Psycho.” F) “Apocalypse Now.” G) “It Happened One Night.” H) “The Best Years of Our Lives.” I) “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” J) “The Wild Bunch.” K) “Mutiny on the Bounty.” L) “Planet of the Apes.” M) “The Searchers.” N) “Unforgiven.” O) “In the Heat of the Night.” P) “Beauty and the Beast.” Q) “Wait Until Dark.” R) “Night of the Living Dead.” S) “Deliverance.” T) “The Defiant Ones.” U) “Animal House.” V) “Homeward Bound.” W) “Cast Away.” X) “Andromeda Strain.” Y) “Independence Day.” Z) “Revenge of the Nerds.”

Feel free to share your story.

Water colors: If you think yours is the Inland Northwest canoe with the most character, please email a photo.

The secret to not getting mired in negative energy: A) Avoid news media. B) Avoid the Internet. C) Eat plenty of fresh fruit. D) Don’t try to change anything. E) Waste zero time on perpetually angry people. F) Avoid strangers and annoying individuals with whom they are acquainted. G) Listen to music. H) Never accept an invitation. I) Inherit a great deal of wealth. J) Adopt pets from a local shelter. K) Don’t read anything written since you were born. L) Think about sex, but only in a nice way. M) Try not to leave home. N) Never answer the phone. O) Don’t watch TV. P) Spend a little extra to get a comfortable chair. Q) Take excellent care of your teeth. R) Volunteer. S) Avoid people who claim to be inspired by pork. T) Don’t pin your hopes on sports teams. U) Other.

Warm-up question: Who holds the record for the most times having been told “I’ll want this ring to go to you” or “It’s my wish that you should have that necklace” and then winding up with an empty hand after that person dies because nothing was ever written down?

Today’s Slice question: What sort of music did/do your parents enjoy?

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