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Satellite charge a rip-off

Lately, our Dish network bill has been a little more money. My first reaction was being peeved with Dish. Then, I actually paid closer attention to the bill before paying it and found that Washington has added a surcharge of $1 to our bill. Completing this rip-off, the state is also charging 8-cent sales tax for the dollar surcharge! What’s this money for? Certainly not for improving or editing broadcasts.

I don’t remember being notified when this went into effect, nor told why this money was needed, nor how it is spent. I am tired of this. I’m sick of nonresponsive government that thinks we are its private bank account when it’s not accountable for the quality of services rendered.

Why are our roads not up to the condition they were 30 years ago, when we also have a higher, staggering gasoline tax? Unaccountable, irresponsible government.

With the new surcharge on Dish, will our broadcasts now not be reruns? Will there be fewer commercials, less profanity? Doubt it.

Becky McPherson

Valley, Wash.


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