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Cantwell on the right track

Thank you, U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, for looking out for consumers’ interests and demanding answers from oil refineries that are allowed to manipulate gasoline production and gouge consumers, while reticent regulators stand idly by and just let it happen.

Do the oil refineries really believe that we consumers buy their explanation for the shortage and don’t see what they are trying to pull? It’s rather incredible, but oh-so-convenient for their bottom line, that all these refineries need to schedule maintenance at the same time another major supplier is out of production. Where is the regulation? Why is this allowed to happen?

Also, why is it always Cantwell, often joined by Sen. Patty Murray, demanding answers while there is not a peep from our other legislators? It’s time our other legislators step up and stop catering to all the lobbyists and special interest groups involved in this oil scam and serve their constituents for a change.

Terri Rusin



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