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Mayor David Condon’s letter to Otto Zehm’s mother


Following is the text of Mayor David Condon’s handwritten letter to Ann Zehm, Otto’s mother.

Dear Mrs. Zehm,

I very much regret, and I sincerely apologize for, the death of your son, Otto. I understand that Otto was a loving and supportive son who enjoyed his work and enjoyed spending time with you, other family members, and friends. His death is a loss not only for you, but also for our entire community.

You, and our community, waited for too long for resolution in this matter. For me, blame was clearly misplaced in this case, and I fear that compounded the pain for you and many others.

I cannot change the past, but I can ensure a better future. Since Otto’s death, the City has committed to instituting procedures to protect citizens like Otto.

In addition, to honor Otto’s memory, I will recommend to the Park Board that it name a pavilion for Otto and place a plaque stating that the pavilion is offered: “In Memory of Otto Zehm.”

Again, please accept our profound apologies for the loss of your son.

Very truly yours,

David Condon


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