June 14, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Is board bored by duties?


My experience with some nonprofit boards in Spokane is that they are often top-heavy with bankers and lawyers who use the affiliation to enhance resumes while contributing very little to the primary needs of the organization.

I am wondering if there is one person who is leading this pack that the rest of the executives (but not Forrest Rodgers) are intimidated by; or perhaps there is no Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture-focused strong leadership at all, or a combination of both. For goodness sake, they did not even know their own bylaws! Something tells me there is a story behind this story.

Regardless, eight months is too little time to judge this man’s performance, and any executive director or chief executive officer worthy of this position should be able to approve a couple of relatively small contracts. A breach of fiduciary duty is a common charge used for getting rid of a leader in nonprofits.

I have been visiting the MAC since the second grade, and I hope we will all continue to enjoy it, but not under this board. A city the size of Spokane with no major museum is a dying city.

Lucy Lennox


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