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Sun., June 17, 2012

Snyder is a winner

Jon Snyder gets my vote for 3rd District legislative seat. He deserves yours. As his soccer coach for 12 seasons, I watched a boy develop into a man with character and integrity. Jon had superior physical skills, with amazing on-field instincts, but more impressive, as the designated team captain (every season his teammates voted Jon leader) was his ability to somehow instill in his teammates self-confidence at the perfect time during the game. His leadership abilities spilled over into sportsmanship, fair play, and the unusual character attribute to make his teammates feel successful.

We had a good team and were undefeated many seasons, but we always carried humility on and off the field. Jon’s example played no small part for his mates acquiring this admirable piece of human integrity. More than one game ended with us so far ahead that Jon and his teammates were more concerned with the other team’s feelings than the final score.

Jon is a winner. He possesses the personal characteristics I want in a political representative, especially in these critical times when a true leader is required to inspire compromise, fair play, and still carry that ball to the back of the net.

Rick Galloway


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