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Government jobs aid economy

The president’s comments on June 8 were right on track. Yes, as a matter of fact, the private sector is doing fine, comparatively speaking. They would be doing even finer if there were more consumers with the financial resources to buy their goods and services.

Yes, Mitt Romney, we got the message from Wisconsin. But not the one you would like to expound. Gov. Scott Walker knew exactly what he was doing with his divide-and-conquer strategy of pitting teachers against other government workers.

Somehow people have bought into the lie that if you attach the word “government” in front of the word “workers,” then those jobs don’t represent real growth. Those individuals, of course, always take our precious tax resources and never put their wage earnings back into the economy.

Let’s get real. Money is still money, whether it’s spent by a government nonworker or a private-sector worker. And to you budget deficit hawks, as a matter of fact, the unemployment rate would be lower and there would be more money to balance the budget if more workers of all stripes had the jobs to pay those dreaded taxes you’re always worried about.

Lloyd Brown



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