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Thu., June 21, 2012

Charter schools add choice

We were astonished to read the comparison of charter schools and alternative schools by Mike Page in the June 10 paper. Yes, alternative schools have been around for many years for those students dropping out of traditional schools. These students do receive one-on-one teaching and are given another way of getting their high school diploma. Many of those attending the alternative schools have had learning and/or behavior problems.

Charter schools have sprung up in approximately the last 20 years to give parents a more challenging curriculum for their children in a more structured, optimal learning environment. Many are college-bound students. We need these charter schools to encourage and support our future leaders.

As a retired teacher, and wife who also taught in the public schools, having children and grandchildren in public, alternative, Christian, charter, and four being home-schooled, I am thankful for these choices for the betterment of all of our children. Our form of government will not survive without educated voters.

Ron and Mona Jacobson

Spokane Valley

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