June 21, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

LC con speaker was selfish


Your choice to highlight an unfortunate incident at Lewis and Clark High School’s end-of-year con is disappointing, and has unnecessarily fueled publicity for a student who made a very foolish choice and stole a moment from a student body trying to celebrate accomplishments, not dwell on doom and gloom of society or their future.

As an LC staff member and parent of current and future LC students, I was not shocked that a student chose to use that language. Sadly, we hear it ad nauseam in the school hallways every day. I was shocked that a student would have the arrogance to not only insult his peers by telling them their “eyes are open but they do not see” but also mock and belittle the very teachers who gave him permission to speak in the first place.

Nick Cashaw was given more time than any other student in the con and used it in a very self-serving way. He could have posted his poetry on his Facebook page, continued to rap about his strong feelings about the horrible ills of our world rather than commandeering a microphone to berate others and tarnish a celebration.

Suzanne Maguire


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