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The Slice: A good beating popped into her mind

Thu., June 21, 2012

The Slice does not endorse violence.

But free speech is important.

“I want to find and beat the person who came up with the phrase ‘pop up showers,’ ” wrote Alison Duke, who is a nurse.

If you experience an erection lasting four hours: A Slice reader who is married to a urologist and formerly worked in his office said, yes, they would hear from patients experiencing a medical condition known as priapism. Usually they heard from men so afflicted after a couple of hours. “I don’t remember any calls from as long as four hours into priapism, at least not from patients who were sober.”

It’s no joke, she said.

“Left untreated, priapism results in permanent scarring and even those blue pills will not help then.”

Music your parents liked: “My mother loved classical music,” wrote Carol Bending of Moses Lake. “She always called it ‘long hair music’ which I found highly amusing in the late ’60s.”

“My parents listened to country-western music,” wrote Mike McAllister. “… I had to sit through ‘The Porter Wagoner Show.’ ”

Renaming Spokane International Airport: “Spokane Sort-of International Airport,” suggested Kleone Deehr.

Not wanting to watch horse races: A couple of horrific incidents during races about 20 years ago at Playfair made Darlene Brice turn her back on that particular spectator experience.

But Betsy Lawrence had a different answer. “Not afraid to watch a horse race, but after seeing a terrible accident at an EWU basketball game when an Eastern cheerleader was dropped straight down on her face, I can’t even look at cheerleaders standing on top of each other.”

When those who come up with “creative” baby names inherit money and start naming boats: Noting that some of these folks take simple names and add lots of extra letters, Donna Krueger paraphrased a line from “Jaws.”

“They’re going to need a bigger boat.”

Today’s Slice question: How many kids learn to work on cars these days?

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