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Injured deputy checks out of Sacred Heart

Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Spink checked out of Sacred Heart Saturday morning after beginning treated for a gunshot wound to the leg.

Spink, 45, suffered the wound Tuesday afternoon when he and Deputy Mike Northway pulled over Charles R. Wallace at Newport Highway and East Elm Road.

Wallace exited his vehicle and shot the deputies, leaving Northway with four arm and leg wounds. Wallace then led police on a chaotic chase on Highway 395 through Deer Park, where he ended his life with a gunshot.

Northway suffered major blood loss, but a passerby who came to his aid may have saved his life by controlling the bleeding in a severed artery in Northway’s left arm. He remains in the hospital.

The Inland Northwest Blood Center is taking donations for Northway under account number 8675. The Law Enforcement Credit Union on West Sinto Avenue has also set up an account for the injured officers and their families.

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