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Sun., June 24, 2012

Honor flight memorable

To all World War II veterans, an experience June 8 to June 10 will be long remembered by 37 veterans. This trip was made possible by contributions given by individuals, businesses, corporations, etc.

I was one of these veterans, but was less deserving than many others. I was privileged to push our union veteran down the ramp into a multitude of friends, relatives and many others there to welcome us home.

What a thrill to have been a part of this. Many delays were experienced, but that was to be expected.

A number of memorials were visited, but one that will forever remain in our memories will be the World War II monument.

Many of the veterans were in wheelchairs, but that didn’t deter them from being involved in all the activities.

Twenty-two “swordsmen” were with us to take care of everyone, especially those in wheelchairs. What a wonderful “crew.”

There are many veterans who are waiting for a future trip to the memorials – the only way that they can join other veterans is by your contribution. Some on the past trip said that they would contribute so that others may make the trip.

Whatever your contribution may be, it will surely help to provide others the opportunity to take this once in a lifetime trip.

Our thanks to all who have helped.

Lee Wynne

Spokane Valley

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