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Immigrants not ‘illegal’

It is critically important for all of us, especially the media, to use proper terminology, especially when striving to inform and educate others.

“Illegal immigrants” and “illegal aliens” are two such terms that are improperly used. Immigrants are human beings. No human being is illegal. Immigrants who are in this country without legal documentation are more appropriately referred to as “undocumented immigrants.” However, many immigrants are in some stage of the application process for legal status and, as such, do have a paper trail of legal documentation that has been created. Therefore, when making a broad and all-encompassing statement that refers to immigrants who are in violation of immigration law, the most appropriate terminology is “unauthorized immigrants.”

Additionally, the statement that unauthorized immigrants are “criminals” because they are “illegal” is very misleading. “Unlawful presence” in the United States, such as overstaying a visa, is a civil, not criminal, violation of immigration law. And the act of entering the United States without authorization (“Entry Without Inspection”) is a misdemeanor. These offenses are not a threat to public safety. In fact, crime rates are lowest in states with the highest immigration growth rates.

Paul McDonnell


Energy probe just politics

The letter gives credit to Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray for keeping consumer interests in mind by requesting answers about high gasoline prices, which I have written them about. After all, in 2009, when Barack Obama took office, a gallon of regular was around $1.85 and today it runs around $3.75. Cantwell and Murray have said the high price of gas is due to commodity trading, aka speculators, and now it is refinery closings. In the replies to me, Cantwell and Murray cite the need to go green, and also tell me that we could drill on every square mile of oil-producing ground in the United States and it would only lower the price of gas by one penny. Which means to me supply does not enter into the equation. It does not make sense. Now, to the issue of speculators; there are traders in all commodities. The next time you write Cantwell and Murray, ask them about the results of the investigation and you will get a reply that does not address your direct question. Time for a change when the next election comes up.

Arnold O. Bos


Rainbow flag not American

Regarding the feature article on the front page of the Sunday, June 10, Northwest section, I wish to take umbrage to the flag shown carried in the Pride Parade being referred to as a rainbow American flag. You may call it a flag. You may call it a rainbow. But, you may not call it a rainbow American flag.

The American flag has 13 horizontal alternating stripes; seven red and six white. The American flag may not be redesigned with rainbow colors replacing the red and white. If the flag shown were truly a red, white and blue American flag, it should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free.

The Spokesman- Review, what were you thinking?

Carol Stobie

Spokane Valley

Drone attacks will backfire

As much as Americans dislike robo-calls, how much more distasteful is our military’s use of robo-killer drone aircraft against questionable targets and across borders without permission? And how much more anger will this engender in the terrorized people whose national boundaries are violated and whose family members are added to the file labeled “collateral damage?”

Might makes right! Is this really who we have become?

John Drayer


Moms misplaced in the workplace

Have women priced themselves “out of house and home” and forced themselves to work outside of the home?

In the 1950s, the major acceptable norm for married women who – naturally – became mothers, was to stay in the home while rearing and raising their children to adulthood; 21 years then.

Yet, with cultural, spiritual and technological adaptations, have women’s demands for the latest, best and most forced them into the workplace since the 1960s?

With, of course, the “women’s lib movement,” stirring discontent, dissatisfaction, and differing aims, goals and methods of reaching into the “empty-house syndrome.”

Can a lack of child care be the main contributing factor to the voluminous vulnerability of our youth, and even our youngsters’ experimentation with drugs, and these subsequent behavioral disorders and dope addictions, etc.?

What homemaker and stay-at-home mom isn’t ready, today, to apologize for not working outside of the home?

Would our school districts and court systems be less jammed with disturbing incidents, as well as our hospital emergency rooms – frequently taxpayers’ expense – were priority once again replaced with the same committed dedication given to a mother’s personal child care giving?

Maryann Branson-Wignes


Can’t silence gay marriage foes

Why is it Dustin Stum (June 17) and Joe Lang (June 15) think that it is OK to state their beliefs for legalizing gay marriage, but get upset because a person who believes in the Bible states his or her beliefs against gay marriage. Just a thought.

Linda Alexander


Honor flight memorable

To all World War II veterans, an experience June 8 to June 10 will be long remembered by 37 veterans. This trip was made possible by contributions given by individuals, businesses, corporations, etc.

I was one of these veterans, but was less deserving than many others. I was privileged to push our union veteran down the ramp into a multitude of friends, relatives and many others there to welcome us home.

What a thrill to have been a part of this. Many delays were experienced, but that was to be expected.

A number of memorials were visited, but one that will forever remain in our memories will be the World War II monument.

Many of the veterans were in wheelchairs, but that didn’t deter them from being involved in all the activities.

Twenty-two “swordsmen” were with us to take care of everyone, especially those in wheelchairs. What a wonderful “crew.”

There are many veterans who are waiting for a future trip to the memorials – the only way that they can join other veterans is by your contribution. Some on the past trip said that they would contribute so that others may make the trip.

Whatever your contribution may be, it will surely help to provide others the opportunity to take this once in a lifetime trip.

Our thanks to all who have helped.

Lee Wynne

Spokane Valley


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