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Sun., June 24, 2012

Moms misplaced in the workplace

Have women priced themselves “out of house and home” and forced themselves to work outside of the home?

In the 1950s, the major acceptable norm for married women who – naturally – became mothers, was to stay in the home while rearing and raising their children to adulthood; 21 years then.

Yet, with cultural, spiritual and technological adaptations, have women’s demands for the latest, best and most forced them into the workplace since the 1960s?

With, of course, the “women’s lib movement,” stirring discontent, dissatisfaction, and differing aims, goals and methods of reaching into the “empty-house syndrome.”

Can a lack of child care be the main contributing factor to the voluminous vulnerability of our youth, and even our youngsters’ experimentation with drugs, and these subsequent behavioral disorders and dope addictions, etc.?

What homemaker and stay-at-home mom isn’t ready, today, to apologize for not working outside of the home?

Would our school districts and court systems be less jammed with disturbing incidents, as well as our hospital emergency rooms – frequently taxpayers’ expense – were priority once again replaced with the same committed dedication given to a mother’s personal child care giving?

Maryann Branson-Wignes


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