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Lesser gods replace God

In looking at the mess our nation is in, it appears solutions are not readily available. Then again, it says in the good book, “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things will be given to you.”

So what are we doing? We’ve told religion and the Ten Commandments to take a hike. We’ve exchanged the word “murder” for a much more agreeable word, “choice.” We are now accepting the unnatural as normal. Sex has become unbridled freedom. Wrong is now right, and right has lost meaning. Lies are now the order of the day (ask most politicians, especially our leader). The God who should be inspiring our lives we’ve put on the shelf, and allowed the four gods of money, power, prestige and sex to dominate our culture. We’ve graduated evil to goodness, automatically demoting the devil and hell to a spooky fairy tale.

In calling the shots, we’ve turned the gun on ourselves!

By chance, does anyone remember the meanings of truth, responsibility, morality and the basics necessary to retain the freedom given to us by our forefathers?

Aw heck, let’s just blame Bush.

Andy Ferrers


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