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Thu., June 28, 2012


Don’t redefine marriage

This spring the Legislature passed SB 6239, changing the definition of marriage from male and female to two “persons.” This denies the uniqueness of the man-woman relationship. It ushers in same-sex marriage. It tramples on centuries of best practice in the family unit.

Why pass SB 6239? I gained an insight when I recently read a quote by recently deceased Paula Ettelbrick, law professor and homosexual activist. “Being queer means pushing the parameters of sex, sexuality and family; and, in the process, transforming the very fabric of society. We must keep our eyes on the goals of providing true alternatives to marriage and of radically reordering society’s view of reality.”

Redefining marriage may serve Ettelbrick’s goals, but it does not serve our state well. It does not bring clarity, but rather a distortion of reality. If readers agree, they should sign Initiative 1192 ( or 509-435-8870). This will let the voters in November confirm what Washington declared in 1998 when our Defense of Marriage Act was first adopted.

Carolyn Jacobs


Holy has broad experience

I ask the voters in the 6th Legislative District to vote for Jeff Holy. Jeff has worked for the Spokane Police Department for 22 years and knows the value of funding police and fire for the citizens of the district. He has also worked as a private attorney and knows what it takes to run a small business. This business experience helps Jeff understand how hard it is to run a business in this state and how to fix what needs to be corrected in Olympia.

Holy will work to make sure that our basic state services are funded while balancing the state budget. He has children in college, so he understands how the huge increases in college tuition hurt the average family. As a former policeman, he knows we have to protect basic services to our community.

Holy is an honorable, hard-working member of our community. Please vote for Jeff Holy.

Garry Rosman

Davenport, Wash.

Time to expand jail

Re: “Wallace’s release baffles Knezovich” (June 21):

Could it make a difference to our courts when sentencing repeat offenders if there was adequate room in our jail? There have been suggestions that the citizens of Spokane and Spokane County should move forward on approving a new jail. Is now the time?

How many home invasions, burglaries, drug busts, and injuries to police officers and to citizens does it take?

Which one of you law-abiding citizens of Spokane is next? Citizens of this community, let’s change the attitude of drug dealers, drug users and the few people in our community who would rather take (steal) from you than work.

Let’s move forward on adequate housing for the criminals where they can eat, sleep and receive counseling, and return to the community when they are healthy.

Joyce McNamee


Teachers treated poorly

Self-featherbedding politicians and administrators impose contracts on public school teachers, with the blessing of Idaho voters.

I will have incurred upward of $80,000 in debt by the time I earn my teaching credential. Does any right-thinking individual expect that I would even consider starting a career in Idaho? Spend time every day on the front lines with Idaho children while being dumped on at the same time? I don’t think so.

I’m thinking I will embrace the “free market” spin being touted by well-taken-care-of politicians like Butch Otter, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

I’ll aspire to educate the children of the well-to-do. Earn a fair wage and the respect that I deserve for the credential I earned.

Meanwhile, those of Idaho’s children who have no choice but to have a public education will be left to the whims of short-term thinkers and however many willing, appropriately credentialed teachers are left in the state to teach them.

For Idahoans who can’t afford private schools for their kids, it’s looking like a race to the bottom for sure. Best of luck with the current plan.

Mike Kiernan

Spokane Valley

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