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Politics at the pump

Have you noticed gas prices inching lower lately? Is it just me, or is there an election coming up soon? I seem to recall how the Democrats complained about Bush’s oil buddies. Anyone who pays any attention knows that speculators are the ones responsible for current oil prices. One major speculator is George Soros. Does anyone other than me suspect Obama’s rich buddies might be manipulating the market in favor of their friend?

Will we see a dramatic drop in fuel prices before the election? Will you be like me and smell a rat if it does? Will the media call into question the president and his cronies if it does? I won’t be holding my breath, that’s for sure! Maybe I’m wrong, but after reading this and it is found that I am not, will you remember?

If you are honest, you will and will also hold the Democrats and their rich buddies accountable and dump the lot of them. Nobody should be able to hold Americans hostage at the pump, especially while pretending to be for the little guy. I prefer unregulated markets and its consumers to set the price, not government officials and their buddies.

Rob Leach



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