Arm yourselves

The Feb. 19 front page news states property crimes are no longer being investigated in Spokane. “To Serve and Protect” has been cut due to budget restraints. What can be done to protect our property?

Fortunately, there is a solution: Our Founding Fathers considered this possibility and gave us the Second Amendment. If you don’t know what the Second Amendment to our Constitution says or does, contact any Congress person. They will know.

David Michaelson

Harrington, Wash.

What about plowed snow?

In reading the story in the Feb. 11 paper regarding the law pertaining to shoveling snow back into the streets, it brings up a question: What about the snow city snowplows stack up at the entrance of our driveways? I am sure our population has many citizens that are unable to clear that out; senior citizens, physical limitations, the list goes on.

It should be a two-way deal. The city needs to develop a routine procedure to remove that problem.

William J. Hiatt


Clark wounds shooters

In reference to Doug Clark’s detractors, whereas: I still miss Milt Priggee, former political cartoonist and satirist (biting wit) for The Spokesman-Review, who said it was “his job to ride in after the battle and shoot the wounded.”

Whereas: I think ol’ Doug Clark actually likes good ol’ Spokaloo, after all it affords him a good living, a place to show off his good ol’ Vista guzzler, a place to ply his musical talents, or lack thereof, by raising money for charity with his annual street music fest (including all musicians in this community event to benefit Second Harvest).

Whereas: I think it’s Doug Clark’s job to ride in after the fray and wound the shooters and baton wielder.

Bill Joy


Compromise takes humility

I wish to share a quote from the newspaper National Catholic Reporter, from the editorial by Dennis Coday, in the Feb. 17 edition. “Despite the polarized rhetoric that dominates politics these days, compromise is not a dirty word or a sign of moral failing. Compromise is how people relate to one another, how political factions work effectively, how people of goodwill move forward for the common good. Compromise also takes a certain amount of humility on all sides.”

Read that again carefully. Compromise is how we all get through our lives in families and in communities. The fashion of demonizing the opposition to promote one’s own point of view is the moral failing called arrogance, and those who practice it should be viewed with suspicion.

Evie Wright


We’re all Greece now

The recent devastating and depressing financial events in Europe have also placed America on the threshold of a unique opportunity in history.

Our nation is also guilty of lacking the courage to cease deficit spending and take immediate action to restructure our local, state and federal government budgets.

President Barack Obama and our Congress show no inclination to face up to their fiscal and moral responsibilities and take necessary action.

All we citizens know in our hearts is that we cannot continue on this path to financial ruin. Such lack of discipline and courage is not the American way, which is to do the right thing.

Is there not one individual willing to step forward and urge us to admit to our errors and to show us the way forward? We must adopt budgets that reduce spending sufficient to provide the excess funds to pay off our debts. We are in the same trouble as Greece, and face the same fate.

Our future is on the line. We must begin our sacrifices now, before it is too late. We must show the world the American way.

Frank M. Highberger


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