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We’re all Greece now

The recent devastating and depressing financial events in Europe have also placed America on the threshold of a unique opportunity in history.

Our nation is also guilty of lacking the courage to cease deficit spending and take immediate action to restructure our local, state and federal government budgets.

President Barack Obama and our Congress show no inclination to face up to their fiscal and moral responsibilities and take necessary action.

All we citizens know in our hearts is that we cannot continue on this path to financial ruin. Such lack of discipline and courage is not the American way, which is to do the right thing.

Is there not one individual willing to step forward and urge us to admit to our errors and to show us the way forward? We must adopt budgets that reduce spending sufficient to provide the excess funds to pay off our debts. We are in the same trouble as Greece, and face the same fate.

Our future is on the line. We must begin our sacrifices now, before it is too late. We must show the world the American way.

Frank M. Highberger



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