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Sun., March 4, 2012

Liberals subverting laws

Two Spokesman-Review stories in two days about the pharmacists who refused to sell the Plan B drug, and two important points missed.

First, they were within their rights of refusal under state law. RCW 48.43.065 forbids penalizing someone who refuses to provide a product or service on the basis of conscience or religion. Second, the plaintiff’s filing and the judge’s ruling made it very clear that Gov. Chris Gregoire, with the assistance of Planned Parenthood, had exerted considerable effort to force the state Board of Pharmacy to overturn the rule allowing exemption on the basis of religion or conscience.

Obviously, significant efforts were made to force a private opinion upon a regulatory board in contradiction with established state law.

Much news reporting has been seen dealing with conservative efforts to bring about change. Mention should at least be made of liberal efforts to subvert the laws of the state of Washington by coercive acts and undue political pressure.

Donald F. Calbreath


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