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Tue., March 6, 2012

City right to fight

Fifty years ago, my next-door neighbor told me that “a bad settlement is better than a great court case.” That neighbor was Judge Willard Roe, one of Spokane’s finest judges. For 50 years, those wise words have served me well.

Now comes former officer Brad Thoma with his lawsuit, another in a long line of pathetic lawsuits against Spokane’s taxpaying citizens. Thoma is like a broken record, blaming everyone except himself for his own cowardly actions.

For my tax money, I am happy to support the city on this defense, and I applaud our City Council for their unanimous decision to fight this cancer of irresponsibility. I also applaud Doug Clark and Shawn Vestal for keeping sanity alive in The Spokesman-Review commentaries.

My suggestion to our mayor is to file a countersuit against Thoma for the same amount of money. The suit and countersuit will take a long time to resolve but, if Thoma is smart, he will heed the words of Judge Roe and walk out of town.

Taking responsibility for one’s own actions is an addiction like any other. Let’s all support our city legal staff with that argument, and make it prevail.

Chris Kopczynski


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