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Wed., March 7, 2012, midnight

Dunn deals reveal values

Looks like Bob Dunn had done quite well for himself representing the city’s brass ($15,000 attorney fees for Brad Thoma, and $833,000 for Jay Mehring). And yet, The Spokesman-Review says the city “deserves credit for keeping its human services set aside despite a very constrained budget.” The city originally allocated $898,000, much less than the 1 percent negotiated with Mayor John Power in 2001. This amount is only $50,000 less than Dunn has made with his Dunn deals with the city (not to mention the millions he will make representing the owners in the Columbia Bank lease).

Then the editorial crew chastised NATIVE Health for questioning the way the funding is distributed. And we wonder why our communities of color feel disenfranchised. The editorial ends with a horrible comparison of human service funding to “contact sports,” suggesting that NATIVE Health and other organizations learn to play the game. The lives of those most in need are not a game.

Seems like the only game in town is fat attorney fees, and the good old boy network of the Spokane police back in business. I’m so done with our current form of legal and social “justice.”

Louise Chadez


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