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Program cuts welcomed

For Jim Camden (Feb. 12) to say “no one” would like to see key state programs cut is as ridiculous as Gov. Chris Gregoire saying her proposed sales tax increase would only be temporary (Jan. 8). Camden should talk to some of the Ron Paul supporters at the upcoming caucuses. He would find lots of people who would like to cut the state budget by 50 percent or more.

A 50 percent cut or elimination of many of these key programs would slow our socialistic redistribution of wealth, improve our state’s economy and give what’s left of our middle class some tax relief. When are our state legislators going to figure out that the Keynesian economics of spending ourselves rich doesn’t work?

Many people agree with economist Frederick Bastiat that this continuous increasing of taxes, spending and borrowing by our state government is nothing more than legalized plunder.

Steve Dunham


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