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Double standard on Iran

Trudy Rubin’s Feb. 8 column on Israel vs. Iran revealed a pathetic double standard used by the media and Democratic Left living in cozy U.S. confines 6,000 miles away from crazed terrorists hell-bent on destroying anything Western or democratic.

While our government, the United Nations and Europeans fiddle with sanctions, the mullahs in Tehran threaten wiping Israel off the map while developing their nuclear warheads. But we know better what Israel should or shouldn’t do to survive while surrounded by terrorist states in this miserable neighborhood?

How come we didn’t use sanctions against Cuba and the Soviet Union during the 1960s missile crisis? How come we didn’t use sanctions against the Taliban and al-Qaida after 9/11? How come the Brits didn’t use sanctions against Argentina instead of invading the Falklands to save some sheep?

Certainly, our “diplomatic buddies” in China and Russia don’t use sanctions against Tibet or Chechnya.

Israel’s remarkable cultural and military connections to America, in the face of Soviet expansionism in the last century, and current rise of Islamic militancy, should cause Western leaders and media to support her policies, not dictate them from afar. Show us the sanctions when Iranian rockets can reach New York City!

Joseph Harari


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