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CEO raise a bad sign

Isn’t that wonderful. Avista’s CEO gets a pay raise for more than the average worker could only dream of earning in a year’s time. That makes a grand total of $3.5 million.

And where does that money come from, you ask? About 42 percent of it comes on the backs of the ratepayers. This increase made possible due to the company’s “improved financial performance,” as stated in Avista’s report to Washington state regulators. So if I get this correct, Avista’s Economics 101 is, when times are bad, raise the rates. When times are good, give pay raises to company officers.

So as the saying goes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I still say we live in the greatest county there is, but folks, I think we are headed down a slippery slope.

Future generations may only read about the middle class that once was.

Gary Prusa

Spokane Valley

Idaho Legislature intrusive

First, we have an ethics scandal that forces the resignation of a majority party leader. Now, we are about to have a morals flap created by the same bunch. When are the Idaho legislators going to realize that we have more important problems in this state than to waste taxpayer dollars on efforts to impose their morals on all Idahoans?

In this transparent attempt to shame a woman into abandoning control over what has to be the most difficult and personal decision any woman can possibly make, the Legislature is demonstrating their disdain for all women. My wife and I raised three daughters with the philosophy that they could do anything they wanted if they put forth the required effort.

It seems that the state of Idaho doesn’t believe that women should have the same rights as men. The right to make the tough decisions that are required of them without the supervision of the state.

For a party that insists that they want less government intrusion into our daily lives, they sure appear to want to be in control of many of our most private life decisions.

Gilbert Beyer


Isserlis a solid choice

I would like to congratulate Mayor David Condon for appointing Nancy Isserlis to the position of city attorney. I have known Nancy and her husband and daughter for many years, once being a neighbor. Her daughter and ours became best friends at Wilson Elementary School, and even though we later moved to a different part of town, the girls stayed close.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Nancy and her husband, Ken. We socialized in their home and they in ours, and I can vouch for Nancy’s integrity and honesty. She will not coat her counsel to the mayor and City Council with what her clients want to hear.

I urge the City Council to unanimously endorse the mayor’s appointment, and when they do, stand back and watch the other shoes drop off the edge of the desk.

Terry Hughes


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