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From our archives, 100 years ago

The Spokane Daily Chronicle published its “Publicity and Progress Issue,” emblazoned with the headline: “Spokane Intends To Be The 200,000 City by 1920 Because – ”

And then it listed the reasons why the city would have a 200,000 population in eight years:

• It was the “traffic and financial clearing center of a rich domain of vast and rapidly expanding resources.”

• It had largely completed a “water power system capable of generating 170,000 horsepower.”

• It was “unequaled in these northwestern states as a natural railroad center, having 13 radial lines now and others under construction.”

The city had reason to be optimistic about the chances of hitting 200,000 by 1920. In the 1900 census, Spokane’s population was only 36,848. By 1910 it had skyrocketed to 104,402. People assumed the population would keep booming.

It was not to happen. When the 1920 census figures arrived, Spokane had grown by … 35 people. The 1920 population was only 104,437.

Spokane did finally make 200,000, but not until the 2010 census.

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