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Bean-bags, robot, help end long standoff in valley

Sat., March 17, 2012, 2:41 p.m.

A bomb-squad robot, tear gas and a 44 mm bean-bag round were used to end a nine-hour police standoff in Spokane Valley this morning.

Spokane Valley officers responded to the 3500 block of North Ely Road Friday night, where a caller said his son-in-law was holding his daughter against her will in the basement of their house. The daughter had called her dad, saying her husband, 31-year-old Justin Chance, was waving a gun around, had pushed furniture against the basement door and secured the door with a seatbelt, according to a Spokane County Sheriff’s Office press release.

Police negotiated with Chance and he let his wife leave the house after a half hour. The woman told investigators that her husband had several loaded guns and was ready for a shootout with officers. Negotiations continued, in part by sending a bomb robot equipped with a two-way radio into the house to reach Chance.

After negotiations failed, officers shot CS gas into the house and Chance came out. He still refused to obey police commands, and was shot with a 44mm bean-bag round. The sheriff’s office said. Chance was incapacitated and taken into custody.

Chance was booked into the Spokane County Jail on Felony charges of 2nd degree assault and unlawful imprisonment.


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