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Sat., March 17, 2012

City wronged undercover cop

Dan Newlun was an undercover police officer for the city of Spokane. The city knew undercover cops had to be rotated out of this work based upon independent studies cited by their own consultants. They never shared this with Dan Newlun. They completely ignored it.

The city had access to information on the dangers of the new drug form that was crack cocaine, which led to instant addictions. This was never shared with Dan Newlun. Dan had smoked pot and snorted cocaine in his undercover drug work with no addiction and assumed crack would be the same.

The city ignored the policy of having other officers nearby who could break in if too much time expired in the drug buy. Dan Newlun was left to operate on his own. Drug dealers wanted proof he wasn’t a cop by insisting on use of the drug.

Dan Newlun was a hero. He wasn’t out writing traffic tickets. He was taking down dangerous armed drug dealers and saving countless people from drugs. I was proud to represent this man.

Greg Staeheli


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