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Nuclear weapons for sale?

Let’s be realistic. Iran, like North Korea, will be willing to starve its people in order to have nuclear weapons, thus all the sanctions in the world won’t deter them. And, with the Obama administration not seriously considering any military action to prevent it, the Iranians will, eventually, obtain nuclear weapons.

Combine this with President Barack Obama’s recent announcement that he desires to reduce our nuclear arsenal by 80 percent, and I now can suggest the perfect solution to the president. Why don’t you just sell them the weapons? This would fit the Obama Doctrine perfectly. It would reduce our arsenal, increase exports and raise money for his domestic socialist agenda. It would eliminate all remnants of American exceptionalism and level the playing field around the world.

Just think of all the customers. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Venezuela, perhaps Sudan, and even a few Mexican cartels might be interested in having a few. It would be a lot cheaper for them to spend a few hundred million buying them from us instead of spending billions to build them on their own.

Unless, of course, those pesky Israelis spoil it all for him.

Randall W. Babin



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