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Track tax-cut claims

Imagine a bill sponsored by Republicans to lower Idaho corporate taxes and income taxes on top earners in Idaho. Wow, go figure! Talk about responsible governance during times of state deficits.

House Majority Leader Mike Moyle claims this to be “probably the best economic development bill we’ve seen all year.” Good. Even though I am cynical, and doubt the efficacy of this bill along with the true motivation behind its endorsement, I genuinely hope the economy is stimulated.

So the 17 percent of taxpayers affected by this legislation, which I figure are the ones executing the so-called “economic development,” shouldn’t be surprised when an article is written in the future which tracks all the economic developing they have implemented.

I hope the local newspapers take it upon themselves to make this story a top priority and continue to report and feature updates regarding the fiscal impacts of this bill, and let the politicians know they are being held accountable.

Steve Lacombe

Spokane Valley


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