March 17, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Treppiedi serves city well


Castigating Rocky Treppiedi by accusing him of not adequately representing the citizens of Spokane and the Police Department is pure nonsense. If the truth were known, Rocky is the victim of vicious innuendo and misconceptions.

He has done the job the city hired him to do! That is representing the interests of the citizens of Spokane to the fullest extent of the law. Rocky is an exceptional attorney. Honest, loyal and competent are only a few positive adjectives that describe him.

An example of his competence: Instead of the city acquiescing to fraudulent lawsuits and paying plaintiffs nominal sums to encourage them to go away, a counter would be filed to dissuade those who would seek undeserved compensation.

Another includes skillfully handling the scurrilous $49 million Gypsy lawsuit brought against the city in the 1980s. The public has no idea how much he has done to mitigate the city of Spokane’s liabilities.

Choose another scapegoat.

Shame on Spokane for your ignorance, arrogance and short-sighted attitude toward a man who has dedicated his life and career to public service to promote justice on your behalf.

Michael F. Yates


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