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Readers share visions of Spokane’s TV debut

Mon., March 19, 2012

The Slice had asked what era a TV miniseries costume drama set in Spokane should depict.

Bill Mahaney said he would recommend setting it right around 1880. “The show would incorporate the growth of Spokane as well as such stock characters as the law officer(s), school teacher, saloon owner, farmer, miner, logger and such. From episode to episode, it could deal with such plots as mine disasters, logging problems, tribal problems (in at least two ways), disease, outlaws, ‘city’ life, farm disasters, fires, romances, rivalries in all areas, et cetera.”

Judy Oliver said the miniseries would do well to have pioneers Levi and May Arkwright Hutton at the center of the drama. “It’s a beautiful story.”

“It should be set during the Prohibition era,” said Nicole Bower.

Another reader suggested a 1950s setting featuring parents named Ward and June and their boys, Wally and the Marmot.

And Gary W. Smith wrote, “The Kirtland Cutter era, 1886-1915.”

Who would you cast to play the lead?

What you would call people who keep track of Spokane entertainment options but never actually go to anything: “Parents of small children,” wrote Nikki Lockwood.

“Poor,” said several readers.

“Annie,” offered another, citing the name those in her family use for her.

And Howard Bisbee suggested “homeophobic.”

Seems like that might mean the opposite of what he intends. But I recognize the problem with word-constructions along the lines of “concertophobic” or “civictheatreophobic.”

Junior High vs. Middle School: Jeff Brown noted an omission in Friday’s column. “What about those of us who went through a K-8, 9-12 system?”

Well, I just thought it was a given that such individuals grew up to be smart, funny, fit and emotionally stable.

I’m not insinuating anything, but …: One of my Today section colleagues was a Third World studies major in college. And, soon after school, she found herself living and working in Idaho Falls.

Today’s Slice question: What are your goals for the remainder of winter?

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