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Letters to the Editor

Thu., March 22, 2012

Concert was uplifting

Once in a while, attending a symphonic concert leaves me with a lingering pleasant, emotional feeling. Such was the case on Jan. 28 when the theme for the afternoon was “Heroes and Legends.”

Before the program started, veterans from the different wars present in the audience were asked to stand. Loud applause followed and the orchestra played our national anthem, which always leaves me breathless.

In a corner of the stage there was a table covered with a white tablecloth adorned with a single red rose. There were no chairs.

Five young handsome servicemen from the various branches of the Armed Forces entered the stage and slowly marched around the table each leaving his cap there in a show of solemn respect and honor to the fallen and missing.

At that moment, I felt as if my father, who had died during World War II, was included in their company. It was a closure for me. Three musical pieces followed, in keeping with the program and superbly played by the orchestra and the guest pianist.

I salute the Spokane Symphony for planning and arranging that extraordinary program. Spokane is very lucky to have such symphonic ensemble.

Halina Slobodow


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