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Regulations spotted

U.S. regulations have exploded in recent years. Regulations would now require a 27-foot shelf to contain them all. Let’s look at some current events.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu has stated he would like to see gas prices at $8 per gallon. President Barack Obama has held up a Canadian pipeline that would bring much-needed oil to the Gulf Coast for refining. Recently, he extolled pond scum as a green alternative to oil. His backing of the failed Solyndra solar project cost taxpayers $537 million.

In health care, an unelected Obama-appointed task force is deciding on what treatment options will be approved in ObamaCare.

Then there is the spotted owl! The federal government rulings basically shut down the Oregon forestry industry to save the owls. Now, the larger barred owl is displacing its smaller cousin, and the decision is being made to kill the interloper.

Finally, in South Carolina, Boeing built a new plant that the Labor Relations Board sought to close down because wages are lower than those paid at Boeing’s Everett plant, allegedly an infraction of labor laws. Enough!

John A. Peterson



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