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Fri., March 23, 2012

Godly messages get muddled

A March 13 letter by Brian Rothfusz included this quote from Christ: “My kingdom is not of the world.” One could interpret this as it suits them, just as “Render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

He chooses to believe the statement gives Christians a responsibility that may not include the welfare of this planet or its inhabitants. Apparently, their earthly mission is to bend everybody to their will; excuse me, God’s will.

History and current events demonstrate religion can make people do anything to please their God. If a modern-day Abraham planning to kill his children is living next door to Rothfusz, I hope he will have enough sense to dial 911. Sometimes those messages from God can be a little confusing.

My concern is with the tangible, not the abstract. I continue to hope the majority of people on Earth feel the same.

Donald W. Daw


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