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Be better role models

As a freshman at Mead High School, I see the way teenagers and young adults act every day. About 25 percent of our population today is made up of teenagers. Every day, I see how rude and selfish we are as a society.

I mentor a disabled boy, and I eat lunch with him often. When I eat lunch with him, I get countless dirty looks, remarks and snickers. People, even my friends, refuse to sit by us because it would ruin their “image” or “reputation” to be seen interacting with a disabled person.

How cowardly are we as human beings? When he says “Hi” to me in the hallway and gives me a hug, students, even teachers, look at me with puzzlement and disgust. Most people would say they are better than all this, but they’re not!

Be one of those few that are. I challenge you, teenagers, adults, seniors, young children – everybody – be a role model to others and show people how we need to change. Be the person you wish you could be.

Ashlyn Juul



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