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Sun., March 25, 2012, midnight

Boycott gas stations

About one month ago, traders announced that the price of gasoline would go up about $1 by summer. Amazingly, within days this self-fulfilling prediction began to come true.

Please note that there are no oil shortages, and gasoline usage is down, and refineries are operating in the 80 percent range, so what happened to supply and demand? That only applies in a free market, not in the manipulated market that exists.

Individually, there isn’t one darn thing we can do about it, but collectively we could change it in short order. How?

Stop buying gasoline from one supplier! If no one buys one drop of gasoline from them, they will get the message fast.

Since there is no gas shortage, just buy what you need from somebody else. When they lower the price a nickel to get you back, still don’t buy until they lower the price back to January prices, around $3.

If people were willing to do this, the oil companies would stop jerking us around or be forced out of business, one by one.

As consumers, this is our only choice, besides bankruptcy. It’s the American way!

D. Neil Fitzgerald

Spokane Valley

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